The Pilates Method is apt for everybody, both for first time exercisers, and for those who want to improve their physical performance for a particular sport activity.

It is a very effective method, provided you follow it with accuracy, thoroughness and consistency. Being supervised by a professional and skilled instructor is essential in order to obtain good results. We advise you to do at least two sessions a week, either one-to-one or in group. Each lesson lasts 1 hour.

The advantages of Pilates Method:

  • It re-balances your body, bringing it into a correct postural alignment.
  • It strengthens your muscles, especially those of your back, stomach, and pelvic floor.
  • It helps you avoid injury and it is a key factor in rehabilitation plans for the muscle system and the skeleton, especially in the case of injuries to the backbone.
  • It increases your flexibility, the mobility of your joints, your elasticity, your balance, and your coordination.
  • Its holistic approach joins body and mind workout, thus improving your bodily awareness, your control over your body and your concept of yourself.
  • Through breathing and concentration you become relaxed, and this helps you get rid of stress, muscle tension and joint rigidity.
  • It gives you great liveliness and strength.